What Now?

Well, can you believe how 2020 is unfolding?  I pray that you and your family are living in perfect peace under the shadow of His wings.  
Perhaps some of you are wondering how this crazy year is impacting the ministry of Laughing Child.  I must admit that I have been reluctant to share our mission’s news, and needs, against a backdrop of crises within chaos in our own country.  However, Father gently reminds me that His shoulders are big enough to bear all of our burdens.  I appreciate this opportunity to share an update and outlook for the future of our ministry to children and families living with terminal diseases in war-torn Mexico.
You may remember that last year we were forced to suspend camp-based ministries due to an outbreak of violent crime in our region.  This necessary closure was heart-breaking to say the least.  It seemed impossible to imagine that our adventure camp programs had come to an end.  From that horrible day, it has been a long and painful journey to discern God’s new beginnings for our ministry.  After a rather excruciating period of “labor-pains” , I do believe that God has given us a clear revision (2.0) for His way forward from the “ashes” of our discouragement and profound sense of loss.  Much of God’s new direction has come through a process of thorough and prayerful reflection.  Many important lessons have been learned at Camp.  This learning, and my encouragement to build upon it, are provided by your loving prayers and support.   Bless you for animating Father’s healing intentions for the hurting families, to which He has called me, and keeps me.

God has faithfully provided a clear path and plan to move forward with our 2.0 vision for the future of Laughing Child.  I want to thank our Board of Directors:  They have the wisdom to discern what we should do and the faith to actually do it.  

We are developing advanced training courses for a chaplaincy ministry to serve families with children living with a terminal disease.  These courses and materials will be designed for both clergy and church lay leaders in Mexico.  We will locate, train, and mobilize, chaplains to serve children—along with their families, in homes, hospitals, and in other care institutions throughout the country.   

Our chaplains will coordinate special events to provide bonding opportunities between parents and the siblings of terminally ill children.  We learned—through five years of camp ministry—that our outreach must be dedicated to the healing of whole families.  We discovered that the emotional needs of the healthy sibling(s) of a child with a terminal disease are sadly most often overlooked.  We are beyond excited to launch this unique ministry.  

We are currently interviewing candidates for the chaplaincy staff.  Please believe Father with us for the resources needed to hire God’s choices for these crucial openings.  We rejoice that all of our current staff have kept their jobs with us through these leanest of times.  For this miracle, we give thanks to God, and to YOU.   

Folks—as I ask you to give—I am aware that there are many wonderful works of God that are in need of our prayers and financial gifts.  I dare to ask for a portion of God’s resources because I believe that Our Awesome God is able to meet EVERY need.  I am also convinced that these precious families, who are worth the life of Jesus, are surely worth being included in ours.  Our world has never been so needy, and you have never been so needed.  Bless you for caring and sharing as you do.

 Love and Gratitude,