Yet another amazing update!

Wonderful Family,

Bless you for so kindly responding to our new mercies with your encouraging letters and gifts.  I love you and thank you so much!

You remember that I was in the process of seeking permits for building from the Local Municipality Government?  The truth is that they could have rightly penalized us severely for having built for nearly 4 years without their permission.  I was warned that we may have to pay for 4 years of material and labor taxes, extensive permit fees and late penalties with interest…  It was daunting!

Well, last Friday night the Lawyer and his wife came to my apartment with big smiles and a stack of papers in hand…  He and his wife explained that they “happened” to see the Director of Property Development on the street that morning…  They chatted briefly, met an hour later, and had the penalty-free permits in hand before the end of that day!!  WOW!  The Lawyer said that he has never had something like that happen before.  Listen to this… I asked him how much it cost(expecting at least $1,000).  He replied, “Well, the Director paid part of it and I paid the rest”!  WOW!!!  I am blown away!  Our Healing Father is AWESOME!

Perhaps the most beautiful part of this story is that the Lawyer and his wife sat on my couch for hours that night and listened to the Word of God!  They learned of His Perfect Heart and plan for their lives.  Through tears they expressed sincere hunger to know more of Jesus.  It was truly awesome!  I am putting them in touch with a Godly Pastor Friend and prayerfully expect them to yield fully to King Jesus very soon.  Please pray for the Vargas family!  I told them that you would be praying for them.  THANK YOU!

Again, bless you for your kind gifts!  I will pay out over 7 thousand dollars this week!  This puts us in right standing with all concerned here in Mexico.  All without one single penalty!!  Feels incredible to meet these obligations in His Name and with your sacrificial help.  You give unto HIM!  Bless you!

Do please continue to pray in what is needed for materials and labor costs.  We will need a minimum of $4,000 this week to cover two months of building full-time with our two workers.  Now, we build this healing place!





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